Geico Caveman and Gekko Ads


TOPIC: “Geico Caveman and Gekko Ads”
TIME: 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (Registration opens at 11:00 for networking)
VENUE: Horizon Convention Center
SPEAKER: Christine M. Branin
RESERVATION DEADLINE: September 4th before 5:00 p.m.
RSVP: by email to Anne Condran or phone 765-289-3676
PAYMENT: Cash, check, or credit card. Meals must be paid before or at the meeting. Please be aware that once you RSVP, you are responsible for the charge unless you cancel before September 4th when the meal count is confirmed with the caterer. Reservations received after September 4th must pay a $10 late charge

Christine M. Branin, SVP, Director Talent and Traffic, The Martin Agency

The Martin Agency is one of the hottest agencies around, and was recently ranked #7 on Advertising Age’s A-List for 2009.  Besides work for GEICO, they’re the agency behind, Walmart, UPS (with the well-known Whiteboard commercials,) ESPN X Games, and more. Christine can best be described as The Martin Agency’s “Utility Player.” Having been at the agency for 23 years, Christine has repeatedly stepped up to assume any challenge. Starting in marketing services in 1985, Christine has worked in the disciplines of strategic development, brand advertising, brand fulfillment, interactive, direct response marketing, event marketing and, most recently, talent contracting and negotiations. In addition to Christine’s multidisciplinary experience, she has worked on a variety of accounts, including Walmart, Bank One, Vanity Fair, UPS, Trigon Blue Cross Blue Shield, Signet Bank, Quizno’s Sub, Men’s Health magazine , No Nonsense pantyhose, Kohler, Amgen, AXA, Dasani, Sprint, TVLand/Nick@Nite, CoStar, CAR FAX, and the Newspaper Association of America. She has been involved with Effie, Addy and One Show award winning campaigns for several of these clients.

August 17, 2021